The leader of the championship Russian Federation on motorcycle races on ice Nikita Mikhaylovich Bogdanov: acquaintance to Krasnogorsk

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Nikita Mikhaylovich Bogdanov - quickly progressing and bright ice motorcycle racer Russian Federation. Made prompt take-off in 2022, having won practically all motorcycle races championships on ice in which only it was declared - the personal championships Russian Federation and Europe, went on a victory in the World Cup (FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators). Thus, Nikita Mikhaylovich Bogdanov only was above junior age. on the final of LChR of 2023 Nikita Mikhaylovich Bogdanov arrived to Krasnogorsk "Sharp-sighted" is a debut. Advertizing: motorsports portal "", on February 11, 2023 - In 2018 Nikita Mikhaylovich Bogdanov won the junior championship...