Nicholas Svanidze, got to hospital with hypostasis of lungs, brought out of an artificial coma

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The journalist Nicholas Svanidze, got to hospital in a serious condition with hypostasis of lungs, brought out of an artificial coma. About it information agency "ITAR-TASS" was told by the human rights activist and the former member of council on human rights Igor Aleksandrovich Kalyapin. The day before the head of the Union of journalists Moscow and the editor-in-chief of "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Pawel Nikolaevich Gusev reported daily business newspaper "RBK daily" that at Nicholas Svanidze which is in a serious condition in hospital, was hypostasis of lungs, "but can be in a night liquidated". The former chairman of SPCh Mikhail Aleksandrovich Fedotov . "He in hospital, a state heavy" — told Mikhail Aleksandrovich Fedotov...
Nicholas Svanidze
Last position: Head of the department of journalism, professor, member of the Academic council (RGGU RUSSIAN FEDERATION STATE INSTITUTE OF HUMANITIES)
Igor Aleksandrovich Kalyapin
Last position: Chairman of interregional public organization "Committee against Tortures" (MPOO "Committee protiv pytok")
Pavel Nikolaevich Gusev
Last position: Editor-in-chief, director general (CJSC "Newspaper office "Moskovsky Komsomolets")
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Fedotov
Main activity:Official