Dmitry Ilyich Gordon complained of an impoverishment: in a pocket only $20 thousand

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The Soviet and Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Ilyich Gordon in conversation with the spouse Batsman Olesya in the next air on YouTube told about how its financial position after the beginning Russian Federation special military operation in Ukraine "Worsened. War began. At me in a pocket of 20 thousand dollars", - Dmitry Ilyich Gordon complained, having added that it real estate ceased to be leased , and the income from that that continues to be given, leaves on payment of huge utility payments ". And everything, we came", - Dmitry Ilyich Gordon told, having added that Maybach" was compelled to sell the elite car" and now reflects over...
Dimitri Ilyich Gordon
Last position: Editor-in-chief of the Gordon Boulevard newspaper
Batsman Olesya
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