The popular leader warned about extorting money from her name swindlers
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The popular TV host Helena Letuchaya-Anashenkova warned that from her name swindlers started writing users. On the page in website "Instagram" (the social network is forbidden to Russian Federation; companies belong to Meta which is recognized extremist and is forbidden) she told that malefactors began to extort money from her subscribers. Helena Letuchaya-Anashenkova published a screenshot of dialogue of swindlers who from her face asked admirers to transfer them the small amount. In exchange they promised 100 thousand rubles as a gift. For correspondences malefactors used an account in Telegram Messenger (resurs narushaet zakon RF) in which used a name and the photo from...
Xenia Borodina
Last position: TV host
Helena Letuchaya
Last position: Conducting a show on the Internet "Flying Supervision"
Chesnokova Catherina