To Kaliningrad Region diesel fuel] most of all rose in pric

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Photo: Podgorchuk Alexander Fuel in the most western region Russian Federation is traditional more expensively, than on the average over the country. According to Kaliningradstat in December of last year the 92nd gasoline was on sale for 50,84 rubles for liter, AI-95 — 53,96 rubles, AI-98 — 63,19 rubles, diesel fuel — 57,88 rubles. The liter of gas fuel could be got for 30,70 rubles for liter. The stable rise in prices for automobile fuel in the region is noted since the end of 2021. In December, 2022 in a month rise in price of AI-92 and AI-95 made 0,02%. Ai-98 rose in price for 0,37%. The average price diesel fuel increased most of all...
Podgorchuk Alexander
Bagamanov Vitaly
Pino Francois