Speech of the singer of Jaroslaw Dronov managed to budget Cherepovets in 7,5 million rubles

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On January 31, 2023, 16:30 — Public news service — OSN the Singer Jaroslaw Dronov, Jaroslaw Dronov, held a concert in "The palace of chemists" in Cherepovets. In the Network there were screenshots from a site of government purchases. In documents the price for speech of the actor, and also payment of his rider is specified. So, speech of the singer managed to the city in 5,5 million rubles, 2 million more left on payment of a household and technical rider of the actor. The singer became popular thanks to the song "I Russian" on which later the Russian humorist Alexander Gudkov shot the parody. Earlier it became known that Nikolaev Igor left...