In Uzbekistan started preparing for floods after frosts

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Moscow. January 30. information agency "Interfaks" - the Government Uzbekistan at the request of the president Shavkat Mirzieev created a staff on fight against possible floods, high waters and landslides which are expected against warming after abnormal frosts, the cabinet press service reported. The prime minister Abdulla Aripov held meeting on the prevention of emergency situations in the country, connected with floods, high waters and landslides. At meeting heads of the profile ministries and local administrations received instructions to prepare for possible emergencies and elimination of their consequences...
Shavkat Mirziyoev
Last position: President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
Abdulla Aripov
Last position: The prime minister, the head Kompleksa concerning youth policy, culture, information systems and telecommunications (Government Republic of Uzbekistan)