Chapter Ministry foreign affairs and external commercial relations Hungary Peter Siyyarto: the Zakarpatye Hungarians will be "rigidly" mobilized in army by Ukraine

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and foreign economic relations Hungary Peter Siyyarto declared that the Zakarpatye Hungarians in a "the rigid way" will mobilize in the Ukrainian army. His words are transferred by Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". "Along with Ukrainians Hungarians perish also. After all Hungarians living in Zakarpatye too will mobilize in the Ukrainian army" — told Peter Siyyarto in conversation with journalists, translation was conducted on a social network of Facebook (zapreshchena v RF) (the owner company Meta is recognized to Russian Federation extremist and it is forbidden). The minister added that in recent days there were shots of that, in a "what rigid way" there is a mobilization. By words Peter Siyyarto, many...