Yvan Urgant, Dmitry Khrustalev and Alexander Gudkov gathered on a theatrical performance in Moscow

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On January 26, 2023, 14:40 — Public news service — OSN the Russian showman and the humorist Yvan Urgant visited the musical "Be Afraid of Nothing, I with You" at Theatre MDM in Moscow past evening. Company to the actor colleagues on the Evening Urgant broadcast Dmitry Khrustalev and Alexander Gudkov made him. In the social networks of a star shared with subscribers the impressions of the seen statement. Yvan Urgant noted that it already his fourth campaign on this musical. "Somewhere at the beginning of the second act practically you cease to be afraid" — the TV host added. However most of all Internet users surprised...
Alexander Gudkov
Last position: Leader of the comic show "Fight with Gyorls" (LLC "Television broadcasting company Pyatnitsa")
Yvan Urgant
Main activity:Journalist
Dimitri Khrustalev
Last position: Actor, showman, TV host