Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine after tanks demanded the deputy head at Germany fighters and submarines

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The deputy minister of foreign affairs Ukraine Andrey Melnik demands from Germany to deliver to Ukraine fighters, the fighting ships and submarines. About it reports weekly journal "Der Spiegel". According to him, deliveries fighting tank "Leopard" 2 have to become only "first step". "The fighting ships are necessary to us to protect the coast. Submarines also will be necessary for us to prevent danger of new attack in the Black Sea" — Andrey Melnik told. The deputy head Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine noted that at Ukraine "very strong opponent" and "Russians make the weapon very quickly". Before the deputy head Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrey Melnik in...
Andrey Melnik
Last position: Deputy minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)
Olaf Sholts
Last position: Federal chancellor (Government of Federative Republic of Germany)
Sarah Vagenknekht
Last position: Deputy (Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany)