Life of Serbians directly depends on a successful conclusion Russian Federation special operations — the political scientist

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information agency "RIA Novosti" the Destiny Serbia directly depends on success Russian Federation in special operation. About etomURA.RU the research associate told Institutes the European researches (Belgrade), professor MGIMO MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS RUSSIA, the doctor of political sciences Stevan Gayich. In his opinion, the president Serbia Alexander Vuchich can not sustain pressure of the West and will agree on the NATO transaction. The only limiting factor, according to Stevan Gayich, is the fear before the people. "I think that we enter a zone of rigid turbulence. It everything question of a survival of our state. We depend actually now on success of the Russian army" — noted...
Stevan Gayich
Last position: Professor of department of comparative political science (MGIMO University)
Alexander Vuchich
Last position: President of the Republic Serbia (President of Republic Serbia)
MGIMO University
Main activity:Science and education
Serbian progressive party
Political ideology:National conservatism, populism, panjevropeizm