The director Alla Surikova told about work with Catherina Klimov

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The director Alla Surikova shared impressions of work with the actress Catherina Klimov who celebrates birthday on Tuesday, January 24. Global Look Press © Komsomolskaya Pravda "Catherina Klimov acted at me in one picture. The movie is called "Love and Saks". Her heroine is called by Lyubov, her husband (in this role Averin Maxime) plays a saxophone" — declared Alla Surikova in conversation with the FAN. According to the director, Catherina Klimov — the talented, highly professional actress who is always ready to shooting. "It the remarkable person and very much pleased me when students did to my anniversary...
Catherina Klimov
Last position: Actress
Averin Maxime
Mikhaylova Anastasia