Anastasia Reshetova told about changes in behavior of the son after long separation

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Anastasia Reshetova it is daily compelled to beat off from attacks of heyter who accuse her of lack of interest to education of the son Ratmir. The model with firmness keeps, but admits that to it it is sometimes heavy. By words Anastasia Reshetova, now Ratmir are on vacation together with the father. The successor will spend month with the musician. Anastasia Reshetova note that 16 days did not see the successor and separation is given it hard. Though as Anastasia Reshetova admit, Ratmir has a good time with the father, it is cheerful and interesting to the boy. "But nevertheless, speaking with it by phone, I notice changes in his behavior and I feel certain...
Anastasia Reshetova
Last position: Model
Timur Yunusov (Timati)
Last position: Singer, musical producer