"Chelsie" will pay for the Ukrainian football player Mikhail Petrovich Mudrik to €100 million taking into account bonuses

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Football club "Chelsi" declared the conclusion contracts with the 22-year-old halfback of "Miner" and combined Ukraine Mikhail Petrovich Mudrik. According to the statement of Donetsk "Miner" which is provided by information agency "Agence France-Presse" and information agency "Associated Press", a transfer Mikhail Petrovich Mudrik will cost to English club €70 million, €30 million more are provided as bonuses. Contract is signed for eight and a half years, reports "Chelsea" acting in the English premier league. "I am happy that signed contract with "Chelsea"" — Mikhail Petrovich Mudrik commented. In the statement of "Miner" it is said that the transaction is record sale for the Ukrainian club. "I am sure that Mikhail Petrovich Mudrik...