Shaman explained the relation to the parody Alexander Gudkov on the song "I Russian"

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On January 14, 2023, 03:38 — Public news service — OSN the Russian singer Jaroslaw Dronov, Jaroslaw Dronov, spoke again about comic video Alexander Gudkov "I narrow" which was the parody to a hit of the actor "I Russian". In conversation with the Kommersant edition newspaper "Kommersant" he declared lack of a negative to this joke. "Jokes and the more so parodies — one of signs of interest to my creativity. That Alexander Gudkov made, says that the song did not leave him indifferent" — the musician emphasized. Before Jaroslaw Dronov reported that the main goal of music — not to leave...
Alexander Gudkov
Last position: Leader of the comic show "Fight with Gyorls" (LLC "Television broadcasting company Pyatnitsa")
Jaroslaw Dronov (SHAMAN)
Last position: Singer, musician, composer