Iana Poplavskaya became angry to arrival Alexander Gudkov: It is possible to humiliate the nation, you will forgive and will rain kisses

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The actress Iana Poplavskaya on social networks attacked on the showman Alexander Gudkov for the parody to the song of the performer of Jaroslaw Dronov "I Russian! ". Alexander Gudkov published the comic parody to the song "I Russian" under the name "I Narrow". However not all estimated humour of the showman. The actress Iana Poplavskaya flew into a rage from the clip. The actress called Alexander Gudkov "freak". In her opinion, Alexander Gudkov derided love for the country. Showmen the penalty or term from 2 to 5 years, Alexander Gudkov threatened after that left the country. However now Alexander Gudkov returned to the capital and even visits parties. It angered Iana Poplavskaya. The actress declared...
Jaroslaw Dronov (SHAMAN)
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Alexander Gudkov
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Iana Poplavskaya
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Vyacheslav Manucharov
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