JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "GAZPROMNEFT-MNPZ" finished constructions the new terminal for shipment of fuel to railway tanks

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Soderzhaniyeit in JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "GAZPROMNEFT-MNPZ" 2020 Plans on integration a complex of counteraction of Koronavirus in electronic SKUD Equipment of checkpoints by systems controls temperatures the Beginning of work of a complex "Digital Substation" History 2022: Completion of constructions the terminal for fuel shipment in / d-tsisterny 2021 Delivery the equipment for constructions a complex of deep oil refining Increase in productions gasolines for 5,3% the Beginning of constructions a complex of deep oil refining 2020: Increase of depth of oil refining to 84,1% 2019 Decrease in electricity consumption, heat and fuel the Beginning...
Inna Svyatenko
Last position: Chairman (Council of the Federation Committee on Social Policy)
Wladyslaw Ovchinsky
Last position: Head (Department of Science and Industrial Policy of the city of Moscow)
Vitaly Zuber
Last position: CEO (JSC Gazpromneft-MNPZ)
Anatoly Cherner
Last position: Vice-chairman of Board, deputy director general for logistics, processing and PAO "Gazprom Neft" sale (PJSC Gazprom Neft)
Stepanova Darya