Oleg Nikolaevich Barabanov: Russian Federation cannot be excluded from UN Security Council

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Sokolov Dimitri Moscow, on December 26 - newspaper "Argumenty i fakty". The charter of United Nations does not assume an exception of Security Council of the country which is the permanent member of this body, the program director of the Valdai club Oleg Nikolaevich Barabanov reported. Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine Dmitry Ivanovich Kuleba declared that on December 27 Ukraine will officially sound the offer on an exception Russian Federation from UN Security Council, writes Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". "If to stand on a position of the Charter of United Nations, in it simply there is no such opportunity. Americans spoke about it even during present crisis, - told aif.ru Oleg Nikolaevich Barabanov. - On the other hand, political...