Chapter Gagauzia called the authorities Moldova not to break off the relation with Russian Federation

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Kishinev, 23 Dec - Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". The head of the Gagauzsky autonomy Moldova Irina Vlakh declared that it is impossible to carry out eurointegration process at the expense of a rupture of the traditional relations with Russian Federation ". We do not consider that integration process has to happen at the expense of a rupture of the relations with our traditional partners. If gas from Russian Federation is cheaper, it should be bought at PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "GAZPROM"; if the electricity from the Moldavian state district power station is cheaper, it needs to be bought in Dnestrovsc. And even Government of the Republic of Moldova had to recognize this truth, having shown big inconsistency in decision-making", - wrote Irina Vlakh on the...