Inhabitants of Tula are invited to an opening day "By Stravinsky and Stelletsky Dimitri Semenovich"

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From December 21, 2022 to January 29, 2023 in the Tula museum the fine arts there will take place exhibition "Stravinsky and Stelletsky Dimitri Semenovich". In leaving 2022 passed 140 years since the birth of the composer of the XX century Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky. This opening day also is partly devoted to this event. It will show a close family circle of the composer of the period of its early youth, life in Saint Petersburg from the point of view of the friend of the family, the artist Stelletsky Dimitri Semenovich. Stelletsky Dimitri Semenovich got acquainted with Stravinsky Youri, the elder brother of the composer in 1903. From this point the friendship of the artist with brothers began...
Stelletsky Dimitri Semenovich
Stravinsky Youri
Olsufyeva Yu. A.
Volzhanskaya Anna