Chapter Gagauzia rigidly scarified the president Moldova because of gas prices

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The president Moldova Maia Sandu underwent rigid criticism from chapter Gagauzia Irina Vlakh because of gas prices. The Moldavian leader could not achieve the fixed cost of natural gas in contracts her predecessors managed that, emotionally noted Irina Vlakh on the air on one of local TV channels. Chapter Gagauzia underlined that gas cost increased in the country as it was attached to market prices. According to Irina Vlakh, Maia Sandu care only of own reputation, forgetting about need to agree and look for compromises. It is remarkable that the leader of TV channel hastily...
Maia Sandu
Last position: President of the Republic of Moldova (President Moldova)
Irina Fyodorovna Vlakh
Last position: Bashkan ATO Gagauzia (Government of the Republic of Moldova)