The Petersburger seized at housing and communal services workers nearly 200 thousand rubles for the frost which has fallen to a foreign car

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Incident happened on Razjezzhyaya Street Kuibyshevsky district court of Saint Petersburg decided to collect nearly 200 thousand rubles from LLC "ZHKS No. 2 Tsentralnogo rayona" in favor of the man on which foreign car the frost failed. As told in the Joint press service of vessels, incident happened on January 31, 2022. Then the claimant on the Audi A6 went on Razjezzhyaya Street in an extreme left strip. About the house 3 the frost and snow lump fell down its roof cars. the specified house LLC "ZHKS No. 2 Tsentralnogo rayona" therefore responsibility for the fallen frost is born by the managing director is engaged in Maintenance...