Kilian Mbappe Lotten declared that the national team France still will return

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The forward of the national team France to Kilian Mbappe Lotten made the statement after defeat of team from Argentina (3:3, 2:4 foams. ) in ChM-2022 final. "We still will return" — wrote Kilian Mbappe Lotten in the Twitter and accompanied a post a smilie of the French flag. Kilian Mbappe Lotten became the second football player in the history who issued a hat trick in the World Cup final. To it three balls into gate combined Germany were hammered by the Englishman Geoff Hurst in 1966. Also Kilian Mbappe Lotten – the first football player who has scored four goals in the finals of the FIFA World Cup. With 8 goals he became the best goal-scorer of ChM-2022. In total in the World Cups it caused a stir 12 times. Only five...