Yvan Danilyants: the offer from Kurban Berdyev about work in "Sochi" yet did not receive, but I wait for it

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The trainer Yvan Danilyants who worked as Kurban Berdyev in "Rubin" and "Rostov", spoke possible appointment in "Sochi". Earlier the owner of the team Boris Rotenberg declared that Kurban Berdyev is appointed the new head coach of "southerners". "While the offer from Kurban Berdyev did not receive. Whether I wait for it? Yes. We worked together. With Kurban Berdyev did not communicate yet. It, probably, too on holiday. But, probably, he has not a rest at all because he always in soccer, lives it and in a different way cannot. When we will communicate? I do not know. I am to Austria together with my family, so now yet before" —...
Kurban Berdyev
Main activity:Official
Boris Rotenberg
Last position: CEO (Non-commercial partnership "Association combat sports "Otechestvo")