Weather in Kazakhstan: the forecast on areas for December 9

@Delovoj Kazahstan
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Photo: SR Akmola Region On the most part of area a light snow. In the north, area West ground blizzard. Wind of the western directions of 9-14 m/s. Air temperature at night 27-32, in the West, the area 22 North, day 13-18, in the east of area of 21 frosts. Astana: partly cloudy, times light snow. Wind western at the night 2-7, day of 7-12 m/s. Air temperature at the night 28-30, in the afternoon 16-18 frosts. Kokshetau: partly cloudy, in the afternoon light snow. Wind of southwest 5-10 m/s. Air temperature at the night 20-22, in the afternoon 13-15 frosts. Almaty Region In the center, in the south of area and in the mountain...