Konstantin Antonovich Shurungov carried out a reception of citizens within a decade of a priyemovpartiya "United Russia" Party

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Today within decade of receptions of the citizens, educations dated for 21st anniversary "United Russia" Party, reception on private matters the member of "United Russia" Party the First Deputy Glavy carried out Administration of Elista Konstantin Antonovich Shurungov. Citizens who came today to reception, the questions connected with ornament Elista by New Year 2017 and a saw cut of trees in the private territory interested. Also residents of Elista the questions connected with rent of land plots and execution of judgments interested. On all questions explanations were made, also answers addressed will be sent all and in...
Konstantin Antonovich Shurungov
Last position: First Deputy Head (Administration of Elista)
"United Russia"
Political ideology:Centrism, liberal conservatism, etatism