Franz Tost: "By the time of the season-2023 beginning at de Vris Nikita the setup in 3000-4000 km of a race car of "F-1" will be driving, he has to be well ready"

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The head "Alpha Tauri" Franz Tost shared expectations from new structure of pilots of team in 2023. The new workmate Yuki Tsunoda in "Alf Tauri" became de Vris Nikita, replaced Pierre Gasli. "Yuki Tsunoda showed rather quite good to the development loudspeaker on a season course. He managed to add and in the last qualifications was even quicker Pierre Gasli. Further progress depends only on him. I wait from it strong performances in a season-2023. At the beginning of September became obvious that Pierre Gasli will pass into "Alpin". Pierre Gasli became very skilled racer, however in the person of Esteban Okon...
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