VSU suffered heavy losses from the Russian dronov-kamikazes in Donets Basin

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Limited liability company "TSST" GROUP the Russian drony-kamikazes who apply on all line of fighting contact in the Lugansk and Donetsk national republics, every day successfully liquidate manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian fighters. VSU sustain big losses. The assistant to chapter Chechen Republic on the power block, the commander of special troops "Akhmat", the deputy commander of the second army case of National militia of Luhansk People's Republic Apti Aronovich Alaudinov. It quoted information agency "ITAR-TASS". "We now involve a huge number of patrolling ammunition and UAVs, we started beating out them in such a way that they bear the huge...
Apti Aronovich Alaudinov
Last position: The deputy commander on conducting combat operations of the 2nd army corps (National militia of LPR)
Chechen Republic
Regional center