Poland – Saudi Arabia. Online translation will begin at 16:00

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The national team Poland inflicted defeat over team Saudi Arabia (2:0) in the 2nd round of the group stage ChM-2022. sports online portal "Sports.ru" conducted text online translation of a match. The attacking Robert Levandovsky assisted the halfback Petr Sebastian Zelinsky and hammered. The goalkeeper Voychekh Shchensny reflected blow with a penalty, and right after it coped and with a dobivaniye. In an asset of Poles four points following the results of two rounds, Saudis gained three points. The national teams Argentina and Mexico will meet in the evening. Poland – Saudi Arabia 2:0 (1:0, 1:0) Date of carrying out on November 26, 16.00, "Education City Stadium" of a preview of a match online of the statistician...