Andrey Karaulov not in Dubai? The searched journalist photographed on Maldives

@Telekanal "Tsar'grad"
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Telegram-kanal of Brief published a photo of the man who is strikingly similar to the journalist of Andrey Karaulov. Andrey Karaulov found on Maldives. In the Brief telegram-channel there was a photo of the man similar to the journalist. Let's note that the other day Andrey Karaulov on Russian Federation it was put on the wanted list. The journalist declared that learned about the new status from the wife. Thus, the journalist is convinced, militiamen were aware that he is on medical treatment abroad. Before Andrey Karaulov declared that is in Dubai. However, authors of Brief, Andrey Karaulov note noticed in hotel on Maldives". Andrey Karaulov, on November 25, 2022...