Military operation in Ukraine. Main thing

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Deliveries the weapon Taiwan were under the threat because of Ukraine, Rishi Sunak allowed increase helps to Ukraine, in Norway did not see direct military threat from Russian Federation. The main thing about special operation — in material daily business newspaper "RBK daily" * Dollar/Ruble USD/RUB ₽60,815%2B0,52% to Buy Euro/Ruble EUR/RUB ₽62,945%2B0,04 to % to Buy the Photo: Ogirenko Valentine / information agency "Reuters" Main thing by 9:00 Moscow time: The authorities of United States of America are afraid that will not be able to supply Taiwan with the necessary weapon as the most part the military helps is directed on Ukraine, reports American daily business newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" with reference to sources in the congress and Federal Government of the United States. If to Ukraine is not...
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