Mintsifra's head Chuvash Republic Christina Maynina left a post after scandalous video of the son

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On November 24, 2022, 10:12 — Public news service — OSN the Minister of digital developments Chuvash Republic Christina Maynina resigned after publication of a scandalous roller with her son. The head of the republic Oleg Alekseevich Nikolaev. Slightly earlier in the Network there was video with the teenager who eats crude meat and describes emotions from washing by blood. It was claimed that it is the 17-year-old son Christina Maynina. regional Mintsifra's head explained it with desire of the young man to draw to itself attention. "Christina Maynina was guided by the purposes of preservation of reputation of team Government of the Chuvash Republic and, most...
Alexander Bastrykin
Last position: Chairman (Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation)
Christina Maynina
Main activity:Official
Oleg Alekseevich Nikolaev
Last position: Head (Government of the Chuvash Republic)
Gorodishenin Sergei
Lyakhov Grigory
Региональное минцифры
Government Agency