The authorities declared disconnection of power units of the Hmelnitsky nuclear power plant from a power supply system

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Power units of the Hmelnitsky nuclear power plant are switched-off from a power supply system, approve local authorities. Earlier Ukrainian deputy Aleksey Alekseevich Goncharenko reported about an emergency stop of power units on the Southern Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Earlier some regions of the country, and also Kishinev and Transnistria. Besides, the Rovno nuclear power plant in the West Ukraine is transferred to emergency operation. It occurred after the next massive rocket attack on infrastructure Ukraine. A day earlier the head of the power State enterprise national energy company "Ukrenergo" Vladimir Kudritsky declared that three nuclear power plants remain the only intact power plants on...
Vladimir Kudritsky
Main activity:Businessman
Aleksey Alekseevich Goncharenko
Last position: Deputy (The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine)
State enterprise NEK "Ukrenergo"
Main activity:Production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water