The 43-year-old resident of Tomsk who has to death brought-down the pensioner was brought to to justice

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On the elderly woman the driver made arrival, being in alcoholic intoxication. On a dock the 43-year-old resident of Tomsk who to death brought down the pensioner who crossed road on the crosswalk will go. The driver was drunk. During the investigation it became clear that in August, 2022 accused, being podshofe, moved on the car Toyota RAV4 on Bogdan Khmelnytsky St. in Tomsk. The driver did not give way to the elderly woman crossing road on the unregulated foot pedestrian, and brought down it. As a result of traumatized the 65-year-old pensioner died on the spot of road accidents. On...
Zyryanov Gustavo
Toyota RAV4
Manufactured by:Toyota