Poland prepared for heavy winter and a new wave of the Ukrainian refugees

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The representative of office of the Polish president, responsible for the international perspective, Yakub Radomir Kumokh told that the authorities of the country prepare for heavy winter: Warsaw expects that to the country there will arrive a new wave of refugees about Ukraine. About it writes information agency "ITAR-TASS". According to the latest data of frontier protection Poland, since February 24 to the country about Ukraine drove 7,85 million people. In the opposite direction there went about six million people. More than 1,2 million Ukrainians got special identification numbers which allow them to live, study, work and receive legally social benefits in Poland...
Pavel Maciej Shefernaker
Last position: Deputy minister (Ministry internal affairs and administration Republics Poland)
Yakub Radomir Kumokh
Last position: Representative of Office (Office of President of Republic of Poland)
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