The Pole refused to share the washing machine with Ukrainians and provoked scandal

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According to the Polish authorities, from 7,7 million Ukrainians who have arrived to the country since February, in the territory of the republic there are 1,3 million people. In Poland scandal because of refusal of the inhabitant of cities of Lodzes to give the washing machine to the Ukrainian refugees. Everything began with a post in city pablike where people suggest to take away unnecessary things free of charge. One of Poles wrote that is ready to leave the washing machine and to present to her any, but "if he is not Ukrainian". The offer revolted the historian Andrzej Kompu who wrote to comments under a post that the similar statement nothing...
Andrzej Kompa
Last position: The teacher at department of philosophy and history (CJSC "RAMAKS SERVICES")
Pavel Maciej Shefernaker
Last position: Deputy minister (Ministry internal affairs and administration Republics Poland)