Cars LADA can appear in a taxi and a karshering LLC "YANDEKS"
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Vehicle fleet of services Yandeks.Taksi and Yandeks.Drayv in the near future can replenish with domestic cars PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "AUTOVAZ" and LLC "YANDEKS" discuss delivery cars LADA for a taxi and karsheringovy service of the domestic Internet giant. Maksim Sokolov" to representatives of mass media chapter . Maksim Sokolov confirmed the fact of negotiations with LLC "YANDEKS", having noted that if the parties will reach the agreement, deliveries will begin after 2023. According to chapter PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "AUTOVAZ", are interesting to LLC "YANDEKS" with an automatic transmission, whereas PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "AUTOVAZ"...
Maksim Sokolov
Last position: President (PJSC AvtoVAZ)
Yandex LLC
Main activity:Communication and IT
Main activity:Production of cars, equipment and vehicles