Poland inflicted sanctions on three authorities Chechen Republic

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Poland entered in the sanctions list of three representatives Chechen Republic — the speaker of republican parliament Magomed Daudov, the adviser of chapter Chechen Republic, the commander of the 2nd army case of National militia of Luhansk People's Republic Apti Aronovich Alaudinov and the former assistant to chapter Chechen Republic on the power block, the deputy chief of the Chechen managements ROSGVARDIYA, and nowadays the adviser of chapter of Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and the Relief of Natural Disasters Martynov Daniil. Sanctions Poland mean that from now on Magomed Daudov, Apti Aronovich Alaudinov and Martynov Daniil it is forbidden to carry out any financial operations through Poland, to visit this country. All their financial assets, in order to avoid rendering the financial helps are frozen. .