Assista Artemy Panarin and Vitaly Kravtsov helped "Reyndzhers" to crush "Detroit" in a match of National Hockey League

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Hockey club "New York Reyndzhers" beat Hockey club "Detroyt Red Uingz" in a guest match within a regular season-2022/23 National Hockey League) which took place on the night of November 11. The meeting came to the end with the score 8:2 in favor of guest team. As a part of "Detroit" goals marked out the Canadian forward Joe Veleno and the Swedish forward Lucas Raymond. "Reyndzhers" answered with goals of defenders Adam Foks, Gayek's Gaek Libor, and also forwards Chris Krayder, Gudrou's Barkley, Gotye Julien, Vesi Jimmy and Zibanezhad Miki which issued a double. The Russian forward Artemy Panarin was marked out by two productive...