Apti Aronovich Alaudinov commented on sanctions Poland against him

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Lugansk, 10 Nov – Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". The commander of special troops "Akhmat", the deputy commander of the 2nd army case of National militia of Luhansk People's Republic Apti Aronovich Alaudinov, making comments on entered Poland against it on sanctions, declared that did not plan in any way, except as on the tank, visit to this country. Earlier Apti Aronovich Alaudinov got under national sanctions Poland ". I long laughed today (when learned about sanctions Poland). As I will live further, my billions which were in banks Poland - they were gone, and I at all do not represent as to me will be farther hard, - Apti Aronovich Alaudinov joked. - Actually I can tell - let Poles it...