Military operation in Ukraine. Main thing

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The Ukrainian economy needs in helps the West, in Vinnytsia the blow to object of critical infrastructure is struck. The main thing about special operation — in material daily business newspaper "RBK daily" * Dollar/Ruble USD/RUB of ₽60,200 - 1,46% to Buy Euro/Ruble EUR/RUB ₽61,400%2B1,02 to % to Buy the Photo: Ogirenko Valentine / information agency "Reuters" Main thing by 09:00 Moscow time: The blow is struck to object of critical infrastructure in the territory of Vinnytsia Oblast Ukraine, the head of the regional military authorities (RMA) Borzov Sergei reported. One civilian was lost, two more suffered in Donetsk People's Republic in days as a result of attacks from the Ukrainian armies, reported a staff of the territorial...
Vladimir Putin
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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
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