"Stierlitz's Wife" Eleonora Shashkov confessed for that took away the husband from a family with the small child

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In December of this year a star of sovestky series "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and "Shadows Disappear at Midday" Eleonora Shashkov celebrates the 85-year anniversary. In honor of the future event the actress gave big interview to Boris Korchevnikov. In the new show "Destiny of the Person" on Russia TV channel Eleonora Shashkov told about the private life, having remembered as the affair with her second husband Selivanov Valentine Ivanovich began. Eleonora Shashkov got acquainted with the director on shooting "Carlos Espínola's Diary". Behind shoulders of the actress already were both first marriage, and divorce. From Zorin Ernst it brought up the daughter Antonina. And at...
Boris Korchevnikov
Last position: CEO, general producer (LLC "SPAS TV")
Eleonora Shashkova
Last position: Actress (Theater named after Eugenia Vakhtangova)
Ruben Simonov
Last position: Actor, director (Theater named after Eugenia Vakhtangova)
Selivanov Valentine Ivanovich
Zorin Ernst
Theater named after Eugenia Vakhtangova
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