As the autist Philip Anthony Khopkins, being the son of the baker, became the significant actor of the generation

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In 2022 Philip Anthony Khopkins will celebrate the 85 anniversary. The filmography of this actor is rather extensive — after all he acted in more than 140 movies and continues to remain demanded and today. At many Philip Anthony Khopkins associates with Hannibal Lecter from "Silence of lambs", at others — with the Pope from series "Two Fathers", and at the third — with the tsar Odin from "Torah". But very few people know about a difficult course of life of the actor which often met difficulties and deprivations. Philip Anthony Khopkins was born in the small Welsh city in Muriel Ann's family and Berton Richard Khopkins Arthur. His father was a baker. Philip Anthony Khopkins...
Philip Anthony Khopkins
Last position: Actor, film director
Shirley Makleyn
Last position: Actress
Berton Richard
Khopkins Arthur
Berton Anthony