Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation will include in "the Big exhibition" projects of the Tula museum the weapon

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Integrated memorial memorial estate Youri Alekseevich Gagarin, the Saratov state art museum A. N. Radishchev's name and the Tula state museum the weapon exhibition plans for 2023 – to the deputy minister of culture presented to the secretary of state Russian Federation to Alla Manilova and to the director of the department of museums and external relations Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to Helena Kharlamova. Following the results of speeches of heads of the federal museums the most interesting exhibitions will be included in the catalog of sign events for 2023. Besides, expositions which establishments plan to carry to other regions, can...
Alla Manilova
Last position: Stats-sekretar-zamestitel Ministra (Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation)
Helena Kharlamova
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Culture of the Moscow region)
Mosina S. I.
Kalugina Nadezhda