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CC BY-SA 4.0/Hbabuka/Drava river with the Old Bridge and Maribor old city core/Cropped image Maribor, Slovenia. Archival photo Belgrade, 23 Oct – Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". To Slovenia sites at an election of the president of the country opened, a vote about 1,7 million citizens possess, reported republic electoral commission. The chairman of the State meeting (Državni zbor, the lower house of parliament) Slovenia Urshka Klakochar-Zhupanchich appointed on July 20 carrying out the next presidential election to October 23. "Vote takes place from 7.00 (8.00 Moscow time) till 19.00 (20.00 Moscow time). In the territory of the country it is opened 2 999...
Borut Pahor
Main activity:Politician
Robert Golob
Last position: Prime minister (Government Republics Slovenia)
Yanez Yansha
Main activity:Politician
Natalia Pirts Musar
Last position: Elected president of Slovenia (President of Republic Slovenia)
Bank of Russia
Main activity:Insurance