"Triumph of the Cinderella" - exhibition the Bakhrushinsky museums at State budget cultural institution Moscow "MMT "Gelikon-opera"

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Bakhrushinsky museum will show different Cinderellas of our ballet at exhibition images of the glorified ballet actors will be exhibited at "Helicon" At exhibition "Triumph of the Cinderella" from museum funds in fantastic images from the well-known performance "Cinderella" on Prokofyev Sergei. In photos visitors will see stars of the domestic ballet, in different years participating in the well-known performance on a scene Big theaters. Among them - Galina Ulanova and Maksimova Catherina as the Cinderella, Vladimir Vasilyev, Gabovich Mikhail, Kondratov Youri and Preobrazhensky Vladimir as Prinze, and also Radunsky Alexander...
Vladimir Vasilyev
Main activity:Cultural worker
Dimitri Aleksandrovich Bertman
Last position: Director general, Art director (State budget cultural institution of the Moscow city "MMT "Gelikon-opera")
Prokofyev Sergei
Maksimova Catherina