Ruins of the temple of Poseidon are found in the south Greece

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The remains of the temple of Poseidon of Samiysky known in the ancient time, were found in Kato Samiko's village in the west of the peninsula Region of Peloponnese to Greece. Archeologists dug out big sites of the base of buildings 9,4 meters wide with massive stone walls 0,8 meters thick. Ruins are dated VI century BC. Mentioned by Pavsany and Poseidon's Strabony sanctuary in the city of Samik was the important regional religious center. Strabon wrote: "Further there is Trifiliya separating Makistiya from Pisatida's the mountain; then — other river under the name Chalcis, Kruna's source, the settlement Chalcis, and after them — Samik, where...