In Krasnodar Territory on October 2 without significant precipitations, in the afternoon to 29 degrees

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In Kuban on Sunday night and in the morning in places fog, in the afternoon air will get warm to 29 °, without significant precipitations. About weather on October 1 reports the Krasnodar center for hydrometeorology and monitoring environment. In Krasnodar the partly cloudy, rains are not expected, fog is possible at night. Wind of the southern quarter at the night of 4-9 m/s, day of 6-11 m/s. At night air temperature 13 … 15 °, in the afternoon 27 … 29 °. In other areas Krasnodar Territory partly cloudy, mainly without any precipitations, places at night and in the morning fog. Wind of 4-9 m/s, places in the afternoon rushes of 12-14 m/s. Columns of thermometers will show at night 13 … 18 °...