In Uglichsky agrarian and polytechnical college there was a modern workshop

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There already is trained car mechanics. Them in help the modern equipment. How it managed to be caught? Zhdanyuk Dimitri will tell. - The computer is connected to chambers. They opposite to automobile cars. On its wheels stendy. In total as on usual a descent disorder. Shabanov Nikita, jelly uglichsky agrarian and polytechnical colleges: - Here the convergence is shown. It the left wheel, that now made. Error on 20 degrees. This convergence total. And convergence of the right wheel. But it not car service. And class in maintenance and to repair cars. Workshop in the uglichsky...
Alexander Gudkov
Last position: Leader of the comic show "Fight with Gyorls" (LLC "Television broadcasting company Pyatnitsa")
Zhdanyuk Dimitri
Shabanov Nikita
Stepanov Vladimir
Chuchin Eugenie