We compared a photo of 16 stars, whose weight does not differ constancy, and understood that it at all does not belittle their beauty

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Throughout life all of us are inclined to gain weight or to lose it. One is obvious: in whatever form there was a woman, it all the same remains in own way attractive. Numerous celebrities to which has the luck to visit both thin persons, and girls of average build, and pyshnotely ladies can confirm it. 1 . Peris Uitni Khilton 2. Eve Zhaklin Longoriya Baston 3. Adele 4. Kira Christina Knightley 5. Kate Elizabeth Uinslet 6. Mariah Carey 7. Kimberly Noel Kardashian 8. Stefani Germanotta 9. Renee Ketlin Zellveger 10. Salma Valgarma Khayek Khimenes-Pino 11. Britni Jean Spears 12. Opra Geyl Uinfri 13. Jennifer Lynn Lopes 14. Charlize Teron 15. Dryu Blayt Berrimor 16. Christina Maria Agilera And you support...